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  • Uganda received 354,456 new refugees arrivals from South Sudan in 2017
    highlight 01 Jan 2018 (6 years ago)
    Uganda / South Sudan - Refugees
  • Uganda is now the ninth largest refugee hosting country in the world
    highlight 21 Jun 2015 (8 years ago)
    Uganda / Burundi - Refugees
  • USD $221.7 million across 19 key partners is now required to address the increased needs of an estimated 477,000 refugees in Sudan by the end of 2017.
    highlight 16 May 2017 (6 years ago)
    / South Sudan - Refugees
  • US Assistant Secretary of State, BPRM, Anne Richard, and Ambassador, Patricia Haslach, visited Pagak Entry Point, and the Kule 1 and Kule 2 refugee camps.
    highlight 10 Jul 2014 (9 years ago)
    Ethiopia / South Sudan - Refugees
  • US Ambassador Molly Phee visited Ajuong Thok with UNHCR to understand the situation of refugees fleeing from Sudan and show solidarity with them.
    highlight 08 Dec 2015 (8 years ago)
    South Sudan / South Sudan - Refugees
  • URGENT FUNDING NEEDED TO COVER VECTOR CONTROL CAMPAIGNS IN WHITE NILE CAMPS – The State Ministry of Health conducted vector control campaigns in all camps, through support from WHO. Vector control campaigns are an essential component of disease prevention programmes in refugee camps. Funds are urgently needed to cover vector control and water quality activities through to the end of 2019.
    highlight 01 Mar 2019 (5 years ago)
    South Sudan Sudan South Sudan / South Sudan - Refugees Sudan / South Sudan - Refugees
  • UNOCHA Director of Coordination and Response Division, Mr John Ging visited Pagak entry point, Kule Refugee Camp with Heads of Agencies.
    highlight 22 Jul 2014 (9 years ago)
    Ethiopia / South Sudan - Refugees
  • UNICEF Executive Board visits Pagak Entry point and Kule Refugee Camp.
    highlight 12 Aug 2014 (9 years ago)
    Ethiopia / South Sudan - Refugees
  • UNICEF AND UNHCR COMPLETE 2nd ROUND OF NUTRITION CAMPAIGN IN WEST KORDOFAN STATE – The campaign is part of the accelerated nutrition action plan initiated in October following the outcomes of the 2018 Standardized Expanded Nutrition Survey (SENS). Nearly 3,700 South Sudanese refugee children were screened, with referrals of malnourished and at-risk children made to local nutrition programmes for treatment. The action plan also integrates infant and young child feeding (IYCF) support, with over 2,700 pregnant and lactating women referred for IYCF counselling and supports. These campaigns have also been completed for refugee camps in White Nile State and targeted localities in South Kordofan State, as part of inter-agency efforts to scaleup the nutrition response to address critically high global acute malnutrition (GAM).
    highlight 31 Dec 2018 (5 years ago)
    South Sudan Sudan South Sudan / South Sudan - Refugees Sudan / South Sudan - Refugees
  • UNICEF & UNHCR held a Regional meeting on the Global Compact On Refugees (GCR) and application of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) in Eastern and Southern Africa (16 and 17 April 2019)
    highlight 16 Apr 2019 (5 years ago)
    / Burundi - Refugees / South Sudan - Refugees