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  • MEASLES AND POLIO CAMPAIGNS – Countrywide measles and polio vaccination campaign was launched in April. The vaccination campaign is part of the response to the measles outbreak that affected all Sudan States since November 2018, with over 5,959 cases reported across resident, host and refugee communities. The campaign is targeting 3.4 million children between 9 months and 10 years of age for measles, and below 5 years of age for polio. The vaccination campaign is being paired with health promotion initiatives to raise awareness of the benefits of the measles vaccine and support symptom recognition and reporting by communities at risk.
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    Sudan Sudan / South Sudan - Refugees
  • UNHCR GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION TOOL (GDT) PILOTED IN SUDAN – The GDT was piloted in the Sharq El Nil locality distribution from 4-7 August. The GDT uses biometric registration data to quickly and accurately verify 2,432 refugees collecting NFI kits on behalf of their families. This helps to speed up the distribution process and reduced opportunities for fraud. Refugees were able to see real-time reports on exactly who had collected for their families and what had been received. This helped to mitigate uncertainty and duplication issues. They reported that the distribution process felt more organized and transparent. The GDT forms an important part of ensuring refugees are able to access assistance in a secure and dignified manner. GDT is being rolled out for distributions across Sudan.
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  • AN INFULX OF CAR REFUGEES CROSSING INTO DARFUR: A total of 7,729 new arrivals have crossed the border from Central Africa Republic to Central and South Darfur due to tribal conflicts. The majority of the new arrivals (6,587 individuals) are currently in South Darfur, Um Dafoug locality where level 1 (house hold) registration was conducted by COR. They arrived after July 2019 and this number is increasing daily. 5,727 of them arrived after the second week of October 2019. 296 households that comprise 1,142 individuals are in Um Dukhun locality in Central Darfur.
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    Sudan Sudan / South Sudan - Refugees
  • SUDAN RESUMED RIVER TRANSPORTATION WITH SOUTH SUDAN: World Food Programme (WFP) launched on 22 October barge transportation carrying food supplies from Kosti in White Nile State, Sudan to Renk and Malakal in South Sudan to increase food assistance to displaced South Sudanese people. The first three barges carried 4,500 tons of food, enough to feed 370,000 people for one month. The resumption of commercial transportation between Sudan and South Sudan may potentially facilitate cross border movements of people, including refugees.
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    Sudan Sudan / South Sudan - Refugees