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  • UN Messenger for Peace, Her Royal Highness Princess Haya bint al Hussein, visited Kule 2 Refugee Camp and met with South Sudanese refugee women.
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  • OVER 1,000 REFUGEES NEWLY ARRIVED IN JUNE – Majority of refugees arrived in West and South Kordofan States, followed by White Nile, South Darfur and White Nile States. Lower arrival flows are typical of this time of year with the start of the rainy season in South Sudan and in border entry areas in Sudan, when roads become impassable and rivers and Wadis (Valleys) have flooded in many areas. While arrival rates are slower than in previous years, current movements suggest that there continues to be assistance disruptions in border areas or that people are blocked from accessing assistance. Reports from new arrivals in South Kordofan indicate ongoing insecurity and very high food insecurity in areas of origin in Unity and Northern Bahr El Ghazal States in South Sudan. Add total new arrivals in 2019 as of 30 June.
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    Sudan Sudan / South Sudan - Refugees
  • ENROLLMENT CAMPAIGNS LAUNCHED FOR REFUGEE CHILDREN IN EAST DARFUR – The exercise has seen enrolment nearly double in a two-week period, from 617 refugee students to 1,210 students across both Al Nimir and Kario camps. In El Ferdous settlements, over 800 refugee students enrolled so far. The campaigns include coordinated refugee community sensitization initiatives on the importance of school enrolment and attendance, especially for girls. The 2019/2020 school year is scheduled to begin in June.
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  • AN INFULX OF CAR REFUGEES CROSSING INTO DARFUR: A total of 7,729 new arrivals have crossed the border from Central Africa Republic to Central and South Darfur due to tribal conflicts. The majority of the new arrivals (6,587 individuals) are currently in South Darfur, Um Dafoug locality where level 1 (house hold) registration was conducted by COR. They arrived after July 2019 and this number is increasing daily. 5,727 of them arrived after the second week of October 2019. 296 households that comprise 1,142 individuals are in Um Dukhun locality in Central Darfur.
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    Sudan Sudan / South Sudan - Refugees
  • PILOT SUPPLEMENTARY FEEDING PROGRAM LAUNCHED IN SOUTH DARFUR: World Vision International (WVI) together with the national NGO National Humanitarian Aid Organization (NaHA) launched a pilot supplementary feeding program by distributing food vouchers to the refugee community in El Radom settlement in South Darfur, targeting 8,000 refugees and 2,000 members of the host community. The program aims to complement the general food distribution (GFD) with additional items, focusing on supporting people with special needs, particularly children. The program will continue up to March 2020 as pilot project for El Radom settlement.
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    Sudan Sudan / South Sudan - Refugees