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  • Centres de Baccalauréat proches des camps de réfugiés (VOA Afrique)

    news VOA Afrique, 18 Jul 2018 (5 years ago )
    79.600 candidats prennent part aux épreuves du baccalauréat de l’enseignement du second degré, session de juillet 2018, dans 94 centres, malgré la grève lancée depuis le 28 mai par la plateforme syndicale qui paralyse le secteur éducatif.
  • Vital support is helping thousands of refugees get primary health care in Tanzania

    news UNHCR, 19 Jun 2018 (5 years ago )
    Over 300,000 refugees living in Tanzania are accessing crucial health services thanks to funding by IrishAid, the Government of Ireland’s official agency for international development. This vital donor support, is helping UNHCR facilitate access for refugees to primary healthcare and reproductive he...
  • Congolese statistics

    news UNHCR Zambia, 31 Mar 2019 (4 years ago )
    Statistics of active Congolese as of 31 March 2019.
  • Unaccompanied and separated Congolese children - a worry for UNHCR

    news UNHCR, 26 Oct 2017 (5 years ago )
    As the number of refugees in Zambia’s Kenani transit centre exceeds 5,000 individuals, unaccompanied and separated children make up an alarming 60 per cent
  • Zambia faces crisis as thousands flee violence in DRC

    news UNHCR, 03 Oct 2017 (5 years ago )
    As thousands more flee violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia is now facing a growing humanitarian crisis.
  • Skin markings save farmer escaping DRC violence

    news UNHCR, 05 May 2017 (6 years ago )
    DUNDO, Angola – The smoke form the burning village hung in the air as the militiamen fanned out through the fields in search of residents to butcher. As her family scattered in different directions, Elena Kita was grabbed from behind by a strong pair of hands. The man who snatched her took out a ma...
  • The refugees learning to reconnect

    news UNHCR, 24 Jul 2015 (8 years ago )
    In Mauritania, a Congolese mother is helping refugees to reconnect by teaching IT, 17 years after her own displacement. The city of Nouakchott, Mauritania, is no stranger to refugees. Around 1,500 people who have fled some of Africa’s bloodiest conflicts now call it home. One of them, Budiaki*, i...
  • Fleeing DRC to Uganda: Africa's other refugee crisis

    news Al Jazeera / by Ingebjorg Karstad, 01 Mar 2018 (5 years ago )
    Lake Albert has become ground zero for thousands of Congolese families escaping fierce fighting into Uganda.
  • UNHCR donates ambulance to Ministry of Health for refugees

    news Diggers News, 05 Jun 2018 (5 years ago )
    UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency has donated an ambulance to the Ministry of Health through the Office of the Commissioner for Refugees in the Ministry of Home Affairs in Nchelenge District in Luapula Province. The donation will support the effective and timely health service delivery among the 15,553 C...
  • Zambian President calls on international community to scale-up assistance to Congolese refugees

    news ReliefWeb, 31 Oct 2017 (5 years ago )
    The President of Zambia Edgar Chagwa Lungu visited Kenani Transit Centre in the northern Zambia to assess the situation of over 6,000 refugees fleeing the violence and insecurity from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since end of August.