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  • The second phase of UNHCR’s shelter strategy is underway in preparation for the monsoon season. Since November, UNHCR and its partners has distributed some 27,600 upgraded shelter kits, composed of bamboo poles, ropes, tools, and tarpaulins, to help refugees build sturdier homes. Since November 2017, over 27,500 kits were distributed. In four days only, UNHCR’s partner ADRA completed the distribution for more than 2,600 families in Charmakul / Karantoli. In addition, UNHCR continues to collaborate with the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC) to identify areas, which have the highest risk of landslides and to mobilize partners to prepare the sites for the upcoming rains.
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    Bangladesh / Myanmar - Asylum-seekers
  • The voluntary repatriation program has been suspended on 30 November 2017 due to winter break and will resume on 1 March 2018
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    Pakistan (Islamic Republic of) / Afghanistan - Refugees
  • Thousands of refugees from Myanmar have been admitted to Bangladesh after spending up to four days stranded near the border. By last night Bangladesh border guards reported that over 6,800 refugees had passed through Anjuman Para border village in Cox’s Bazar district. Thousands more are said to be on their way from Myanmar. The most vulnerable among the new arrivals are bussed from the border to a transit centre near Kutupalong camp. At the centre, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and its partners provide food, water, medical checks and temporary shelter.
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    Bangladesh / Myanmar - Asylum-seekers
  • UN High Commissioner for Refugees urged governments and business leaders in the Asia-Pacific to show solidarity with refugees in the region and share responsibility for protecting and finding solutions for them. Addressing ministers of 26 countries at the Seventh Ministerial Conference of the Bali Process in Indonesia, he appealed for regional support for over 700,000 Rohingya refugees who fled to Bangladesh.
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    Bangladesh / Myanmar - Asylum-seekers
  • UNHCR and other UN agencies worked around the clock to repair damage, temporarily relocate affected refugees, and activate disaster response plans following eight days of unrelenting rain and wind - the most severe weather since the massive Rohingya refugee influx of 2017. Between 4 and 12 July, 709mm of rain fell in parts of the Kutupalong refugee settlement, out of a July average of about 1040mm for Cox’s Bazar. A combination of landslides, floods and wind damaged or destroyed hundreds of structures and temporarily displaced thousands of refugees.
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    / Myanmar - Asylum-seekers
  • UNHCR and partners built 1,573 latrines and 200 tube wells. This represents over 78,000 who have access to latrines and 100,000 who have access to water. UNHCR continues to lead the coordination among WASH actors at the field level in both Kutupalong (including in the extension site) and Nayapara, providing technical guidance and support to improve compliance with WASH standards.
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    Bangladesh / Myanmar - Asylum-seekers
  • UNHCR and partners have constructed almost 60 latrines, 70 bathing cubicles and 6 tube wells in Kutupalong and Nyapara. There are now over 4,600 latrines, some 1,920 bathing cubicles and 910 tube wells installed in the settlements.
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    / Myanmar - Asylum-seekers
  • UNHCR and the Government of Bangladesh in Geneva finalised a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) relating to voluntary returns of Rohingya refugees once conditions in Myanmar are conducive.
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    / Myanmar - Asylum-seekers
  • UNHCR and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) launched a project to prevent dangerous encounters with elephants, which have resulted in at least 10 deaths in Kutupalong settlement. The highly congested site lies on one of the migratory routes for Asian elephants.
    highlight 10 Mar 2018 (6 years ago)
    Bangladesh / Myanmar - Asylum-seekers
  • UNHCR called on the international community to step up its support for some 900,000 stateless Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, the majority having fled in August 2017. UNHCR urged renewed international engagement and support for refugees and host communities in Bangladesh, in order to expand the response from day-to-day lifesaving operations to also address challenges such as education and self-reliance for the Rohingya refugees.
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    Bangladesh / Myanmar - Asylum-seekers