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  • Safaricom Foundation supports refugee students to hone their skills in entrepreneurship, leadership and sports - Kenya

    news UNHCR Kenya, 12 Nov 2018 (5 years ago )
    “I discovered that I am good at basketball and I would love to one day play for the American National Basketball League,” he says. “I have also engaged in an agricultural enterprise where I am growing broccoli and selling to the school.” 16 year old Reech Deng Maketh is originally from South Sudan.
  • Joint statement by UNHCR and OPM on preliminary results of refugee verification exercise

    news UNHCR Africa, 09 Nov 2018 (5 years ago )
    By the end of the verification exercise 1,092,213 individuals have been verified as present representing 76 per cent of the initial target. During the verification exercise, OPM continued to attend to the ongoing emergency and registered new arrivals in all settlements and at transit centers along t...
  • UN rights chief calls for release of hundreds abducted and abused in South Sudan

    news UN news, 18 Oct 2018 (5 years ago )
    Hundreds of civilians who were taken by opposition forces in South Sudan’s Western Equatoria region during an uptick in fighting are still missing, the UN’s top rights official said on Thursday, in a call for their immediate release.
  • UNHCR calls on South Sudan parties to deliver a lasting peace

    news UNHCR, 17 Sep 2018 (5 years ago )
    “The peace process must include the voices of refugees and those displaced inside of South Sudan to bring an end to more than five years of senseless suffering,” said Arnauld Akodjenou, UNHCR’s Special Adviser on the South Sudan situation. “It’s important that refugees participate, understand and su...
  • ‘Start by showing us that the peace is serious’

    news UNHCR, 05 Sep 2018 (5 years ago )
    All parties to the agreement, from the government and opposition groups, were present at the meeting and listened to the views of refugees. They say they are serious about the role of refugees in the peace process, which they urged them to trust.
  • World leaders voice strong support for new refugee deal at UN General Assembly

    news UNHCR, 24 Sep 2018 (5 years ago )
    "Almost nine in 10 of the world’s refugees are hosted in developing countries, where they often live in remote areas with significant development challenges. The impact on local services, infrastructure and resources “is colossal,” Grandi said. “Host countries have kept their borders open at a time ...
  • South Sudanese surgeon ‘humbled’ to receive 2018 Nansen Award

    news UNHCR Africa, 01 Oct 2018 (5 years ago )
    Dr. Atar runs the only functional hospital in Upper Nile State, an area larger than Ireland or Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire combined. Located in the town of Bunj, in Maban County, it serves more than 200,000 people, including 144,000 refugees from Sudan.
  • Refugees bear cost of massive underfunding

    news UNHCR, 10 Oct 2018 (5 years ago )
    Funding for the world’s forcibly displaced and stateless people is becoming increasingly squeezed, with barely more than half of needs being met, and worsening hardship and risks for many refugees, other displaced people and the communities they live among. Six refugee and displacement situations gl...
  • Refugee representatives set to meet South Sudan peace talk parties

    news UNHCR, 04 Sep 2018 (5 years ago )
    UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is (today) bringing South Sudan refugee representatives face-to-face with the parties involved in key peace negotiations in Khartoum. This dialogue will help ensure that refugee voices continue to play a pivotal role in the revitalized peace effort to end the country...
  • UNMISS-initiated inter-ethnic peace festival in Pibor: Dancing rivalries away

    news Reliefweb, 28 Aug 2018 (5 years ago )
    Ethnic communities living in the Boma area were recently mobilized by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan to perform joint cultural dances in a bid to promote peace and dialogue. Tangible success was there for all to see, according to John Kaka, a young man who participated in the festiviti...