UG_Socio-Econ Update_2024-2025

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Document Type: Assessments
Document Type: English
Publish Date: 18 January 2024 (4 months ago)
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UG_Socio-Econ Update_2024-2025

Document Type: Assessments
Document Language: English
This thematic paper aims to highlight the performance of refugees against the following measures of socio-economic wellbeing – poverty incidence, employment outcomes, household expenditure and food security, to ascertain the current situation of refugees and host communities as a basis for discussion and revision of the Uganda Refugee Response as well as upcoming consultations for the Global Refugee Forum (GRF).


  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


  •  Livelihood & Social Stability
  •  Coordination
  •  Livestock / Animal Husbandry


  • Uganda
Download  (PDF, 1.99 MB)