Protection Needs Assessment Report 2020

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Document Type: Assessments
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Protection Needs Assessment Report 2020

Document Type: Assessments
Document Language: English
In December 2020, World Vision Uganda together with Lutheran World Federation (LWF), Tutapona and CAFOMI commissioned a Protection Needs Assessment to identify the main protection problems and needs in the West Nile refugee hosting districts. The assessment adopted a mixed approach methodology that involved both exploratory and descriptive methods of research. Quantitative data was collected through household interviews selected via multistage sampling (3,376 households) whereas qualitative data was collected through Key Informant Interviews (KII) and Focus Group Discussions (FGD). Protection was assessed from a multidimensional perspective to gain a holistic insight into the existing gaps around legal status & identity, protection & safety, child protection, women empowerment & inclusion, livelihoods & resilience, COVID-19 and its impact on communities.


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