Myanmar parliament speaker stresses more reform


Myanmar parliament speaker stresses more reform

Xinhua, 09 Sep 2013

Speaker of Myanmar's union parliament U Shwe Mann stressed the need for more reform in the country in addition to political reform, official media reported Monday.

"Political reform is only not enough for democratization. Executive reform, economic reform and function reform must be made in synchronization and harmony," U Shwe Mann told business entrepreneurs in Nay Pyi Taw on Sunday, adding that economic reform plays a crucial role in the reform process.

He called on the legislative and executive bodies to fulfill the voice and aspiration of the people.

In another function, U Shwe Mann, who is also speaker of the House of Representatives (Lower House), stressed the utmost importance of rule of law in the country, calling on all the people to abide by the law.

He said stability and peace could not prevail in the nation in the absence of the rule of law and it may harm the sovereignty.

He urged the concerned organizations to give suggestions on the rule of law with positive attitude instead of blaming each other .

He pointed out that the parliament is responsible for the rule of law and enactment of the just laws which the people can abide by, adding that the rule of law is tied with just laws and the laws that serve the interest of the state and the citizens.

Myanmar has been in a process of democratic reform since the new civilian government, headed by President U Thein Sein, took office in March 2011 after a multi-party general election was held in November 2010.