Govt Confirms Karen Language Will Be Taught In Pago Schools


Govt Confirms Karen Language Will Be Taught In Pago Schools

Karen News, 15 Dec 2013

Regional government officials from Pago confirmed that the Karen language is to be taught in every regional government primary school.

Saw Jubilee San Hla, the minister of Pago Division Ethnic Karen Affairs, told Karen News that the teaching of the ethnic language would begin at the beginning of 2014/15.

The decision came after a meeting on December 9 between the Ethnic Karen Affairs ministry, the heads of divisional level education departments and the Karen Culture and Literacy Committee.

Minister Saw Jubilee San Hla, told Karen News.

“The relevant government’s officials have given permission to teach the Karen language. We are now preparing to print the text book for the Karen students, recruiting teachers and preparing other needs – the committee decided to start the next academic year.”

Saw Jubilee San Hla said that a priority was getting more Karen teachers in schools.

Saw Lin Aung, a regional member of parliament from constituency No.1 of the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) in Nyaunglaypan Township, said the government would provide subsidies for Karen teachers.

“They will support Karen teachers [with] 30,000 Kyat a month. We will also help find the teachers to teach the Karen language.”

Saw Nyi Nyi San, a Karen Culture and Literacy Committee’s supervisor from the western Pago Division said that in the past the Karen language was only taught during the summer holidays – failing to give children adequate time to learn the language skills.

In 2012 the government officially gave permission to teach ethnic languages in primary schools.