200 additional teachers for primary schools in Mon State


200 additional teachers for primary schools in Mon State

Burma News International, 02 May 2016

Approximately 200 teachers will be added to work as daily wage teachers in Mon State’s primary schools during the 2016-2017 academic years, according to Mon State’s Education Department.

“In Mon State, we have many educated people. Compared to other states, we do not need to increase the number of teachers. When we need to go with the system of 1 plus 4 (one head teacher and 4 assistants), we will need 191 teachers in our state and we are experiencing this now,” said U Myo Tin Aung, Director of Mon State’s Education Department.

The decision to change the education system for the 2016-2017 academic year was made during the last government’s term. The Kindergarten Game – KG Plus program begins in June, 2016. In order to implement such a system, additional teachers are needed.

“We estimate the requirement will be 1 principal with 6 assistants (1 plus 6) for primary level in the 2016-2017 system. However, with the current situation, not to mention 1 plus 6, we are having difficulties to supply 1 plus 4,” said U Myo Tin Aung.

The applicants for the primary teacher posts must hold a bachelor, masters degree or a Ph.D, according to the statement on the application form.