President Urges Faster Reforms to Build Federal Union


President Urges Faster Reforms to Build Federal Union

Myanmar Times, 28 May 2019

Officials in the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government need to speed up reforms to build a federal union, President U Win Myint said.

He made the comment in a meeting with senior staff of government agencies, legislators and judicial officials last week to underscore the need to speed up reforms.

“Some are worried about reforms so they are hesitant and frightened (to implement them). Actually, reform is a good friend of the country,” he said.

U Win Myint said reforms pose no threat and are a good way to develop the country and the people’s happiness.

He said civil servants can heed the example of independence hero Bogyoke Aung San’s short-lived administration, which was anchored in justice.

“I want an administration like the one set by our national and military leader, and independence architect, Bogyoke Aung San. I want institutions that have political, economic and social justice,” he said.

The president reminded the officials that they have sacrificed much to have the chance to implement reforms.

“We have sacrificed and felt pain throughout our lives to reach this moment. We have to dutifully perform our duties for the next generation,” he said.

U Win Myint urged them to remain loyal to the country despite the difficulties they face.

“I understand civil servants have trouble paying for food and housing, but I want them to persevere and understand this situation. Some are expecting something and some are giving certain information to others. I am not talking about rumours. I know what is going on,” he added.

He directed department officials to implement the projects in cooperation with local legislators.