At-a-glance - Somali Displacement Crisis


At-a-glance - Somali Displacement Crisis

UNHCR, 07 Oct 2011


•Ongoing Kenya operation moves nearly 79,000 Somali arrivals from Dadaab’s outskirts to its extensions before the onset of the rainy season.

•Crude mortality rate in Ethiopia’s Dollo Ado reduces drastically from 4-5 deaths per 10,000, to 0.4 deaths per 10,000 daily.

•Spate of violence in Somalia compounds the predicament of its displaced citizens.

Registered Somali refugees in the region as of 30 September 2011(by country of asylum)
Country of Asylum Total
Kenya 509,363
Ethiopia 168,348
Djibouti 18,159
Yemen 196,996
Others 24,934
Total 917,800