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  • Menedek



    Menedék – Hungarian Association for Migrants has been helping the social integration of immigrants arriving in and departing from Hungary, through a set of social, educational and cultural programs built on more than 20 years of experience.
  • Lutheran Church of Budapest - Mandák Ház

    Lutheran Church of Budapest - Mandák Ház

    Mandák Ház

    The Mary Mandák Lutheran Meetinghouse was established when a wealthy citizen woman bequeathed her wealth to the Church. At the time of nationalization, the house had a charity home, and 20 small apartments were occupied by residents with church ties.
  • Street to Apartment Association

    Street to Apartment Association


    At the Street to Apartment Association, we believe that everyone needs a place to call home. Safe housing is an essential condition for a dignified life. We believe that with a fair distribution of resources, a society of solidarity can provide decent housing for all. To this end, we develop and operate model programs in which we provide independent housing to homeless and needy people. We cooperate with municipalities and private individuals, operate a network of social rental housing and a housing agency.
  • Hungarian Reformed Church Aid

    Hungarian Reformed Church Aid


    Hungarian Reformed Church Aid is a charity and development organization based on Christian core-values. We believe that people’s lives are the greatest value in our world today. Our aim is to give our best knowledge without regarding gender, religion, color and political views to help those in need by saving their lives or improving their living standards according to our possibilities. Our mission statement is to fulfill our lifesaving and humanitarian activities as well as minimize operating costs. We believe maintaining a low budget for the aid programs will not compromise the quality of our work. We are thoughtfully planning the minimization of the costs and at the same time optimization of the work of our organization and operating processes. We find transparency and accountability important in our work as well as in the work of our supporters. In order to do this we have worked out the “Way of Trust” system, which is unique to our organization. We believe that our knowledge, our high quality efforts and the optimal usage of our resources will help in the effective life-saving process to help more and more people in need and danger. We believe in the strength of creative voluntary work. We will provide a place for volunteers who by accepting our core-values will develop and use their talents in the field of help and development. We belive in the power of the global partnership. We are open to estabilish partnership with every organization which has similar core-values at the field of aid and development work.
  • LITERA Egyesület

    LITERA Egyesület


    Educational and entertainment center in Vas, Hungary.
  • Salvati Copiii

    Salvati Copiii