Refugees from the Central African Republic

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Refugees from the Central African Republic JSON 
Last updated 31 May 2024
Source - UNHCR, Government 
Refugees from the Central African Republic JSON 
Source - UNHCR, Government
Refugees from the Central African Republic JSON 
Location name Source Data date Population
Bas-Uele UNHCR, Government 31 May 2024   25.9% 54,537
Haut-Katanga UNHCR 31 May 2024   0.0% 23
Haut-Uele UNHCR 31 May 2024   0.0% 82
Kinshasa UNHCR 31 May 2024   0.2% 349
Nord-Ubangi UNHCR, Government 31 May 2024   54.5% 114,670
Sud-Ubangi UNHCR 31 May 2024   19.4% 40,776

  Latest Documents
UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is seeing a surge in refugee arrivals from South Sudan in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Over the past few days thousands of desperate people have been crossing the border to escape fighting and violence against civilians.
12 Feb 2019
Two new school buildings, one in Biringi and one in Aba (Meri), were handed over to the local authorities. At Kaka site, the primary school newly renovated and equipped by UNHCR was operational.
28 Feb 2018
An increasing number of arrivals came to be registered in Biringi site near Aru (Ituri Province), thanks to sensitization campaign led by Congolese authorities and UNHCR.
31 Jan 2018
A first batch of newly constructed emergency shelters (192) were handed over to South Sudanese refugees in the new site of Kaka (Haut – Uele Province).
31 Dec 2017
A group of refugees fleeing Amadi state in South Sudan reached Meri site after a 10 day journey on foot and with no belongings.
05 Dec 2017
Des réfugiés fuyant l’état de Amadi au Sud Soudan sont arrivés au site de Meri après avoir marché 10 jours.
05 Dec 2017

Thousands fleeing new violence in South Sudan’s Central Equatoria State

UNHCR, 12 Feb 2019

It’s estimated that 5,000 refugees have arrived in several border villages near the town of Ingbokolo, in north-east DRC’s Ituri province, according to local village chiefs. There are reports that an additional 8,000 people are displaced inside South Sudan, on the outskirts of the town of Yei. Read more


South Sudan refugees in Congo make market vibrant success

UNHCR, 14 Feb 2018

From food to furniture, clothing to haircuts, the bustling market in the settlement of Meri in the rural northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a colourful example of refugees’ resourcefulness and how they can contribute to the local economy. Read more


Refugee crisis in South Sudan now world’s fastest growing

UNHCR, 17 Mar 2017

GENEVA – Driven by fresh fighting, horrendous acts of violence and facing drought and famine, thousands of people are fleeing South Sudan, making it the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis. Total displacement from South Sudan into the surrounding region has now reached 1.6 million people, an a... Read more


South Sudan fighting sees more refugees fleeing into Uganda than in the first 6 months of 2016

UNHCR, 26 Jul 2016

Fighting in South Sudan that broke out on 8 July between rival factions loyal to Salva Kiir and Riek Machar has to date forced 37,491 people to flee the country to Uganda. To put this in context: In the past three weeks there have been more refugee arrivals in Uganda than in the entire first six mon... Read more


UNHCR warns South Sudanese refugees need urgent aid

Press TV, 26 Jul 2016

An estimated 26000 South Sudanese refugees have crossed into Uganda following political tensions and armed conflict in their country. The United Nations refugee officials say more people are arriving in Uganda on a daily basis while the country has difficulty providing them with ample food and shelt... Read more