Boko Haram: ECCAS Creates Special Fund


Boko Haram: ECCAS Creates Special Fund

Cameroon Tribune, 17 Feb 2015

This was one of the conclusions contained in the Yaounde Declaration issued on February 16, 2015.

Heads of State and Government of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) have unanimously agreed to create a special fund lodged at the General Secretariat of ECCAS in which resources will be mobilized to combat Boko Haram terrorists. This was one of the conclusions of the extraordinary session of the Conference of Heads of State and Government of the Council for Peace and Security in Central Africa (COPAX) on the Fight against Boko Haram terrorist group which held at the Yaounde Conference Centre yesterday February 16, 2015.

In application of the COPAX protocol and Mutual Assistance Pact on member countries of ECCAS, the Heads of State affirmed their willingness to support Cameroon and Chad with an emergency aid of FCFA 50 billion, in troops and other military assistance.

The six Heads of State who actively took part in the summit as well as other senior officials who represented the rest of the ECCAS member countries signed the Yaounde Declaration in which they reiterated the necessity to work fast and collectively to eradicate the terrorists. The Heads of State and Government also engaged to fully cooperate and at all levels with the Economic Community of West African States in view of better coordinating actions for the fight against the dangerous group. They also prayed the Federal Republic of Nigeria to step up the level of synergy with other countries of the Lake Chad Basin in combating the terrorist sect. “We engage to immediately bring multifaceted support to Cameroon, Chad and all the other member States who would be affected by the terrorist group notably military, financial, logistics and humanitarian support,” point 23 of the 27-point Yaounde Declaration read.

The ECCAS leaders also pleaded with the international community to maintain and augment its support for the fight against Boko Haram as well as on the United Nations and other actors involved in resolving the crisis in Central African Republic to accelerate the political process and national reconstruction so that the country could get a security force capable of safeguarding its territorial integrity.

The Secretary-General of ECCAS was charged to draw up by March 2015 in partnership with concerned States a political and diplomatic action plan for logistics support, communication and humanitarian action for the appraisal and endorsement of member countries. The secretariat is also to maintain ties with the African Union so as to ascertain its support in full coherence with the joint multinational force. Besides ensuring that the Yaounde Declaration is implemented to the letter, the Secretariat of ECCAS is also expected to periodically report to the Heads of State and Government on the evolution of security situation in the Lake Chad Basin.