Naypyitaw: Nationwide ceasefire in October


Naypyitaw: Nationwide ceasefire in October

Shan Herald News for Agency, 03 Sep 2013

U Aung Min, Vice Chairman of the Union level Peacemaking Work Committee (UPWC), said on Saturday, 31 August, he was confident the long advertised Nationwide Ceasefire Accord could be signed toward the end of October, according to a report by the Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA).

He was speaking at a meeting between the joint government-parliament team led by Vice President Sai Mawk Kham, who doubles as Chairman of the UPWC, and the joint Karen Shan delegation led by Karen National Union (KNU) President Gen Mutu Sayphoe in Naypyitaw.

He also announced that the government has drafted its own framework for political dialogue. Meanwhile, the armed groups had already presented their proposed framework to the government on 13 May. “That doesn’t mean we are going to stick to our own agenda,” he explained. “Both sides should negotiate until an agreement is reached.”

The meeting was graced by Vice Senior General Soe Win, the Army Commander-in-Chief and U Thein Zaw, two other UPWC vice chairmen. Ms Dwe Bu, Kachin MP, People’s Assembly, mentioned that this was the first and U Thein Zaw, two other UPWC vice chairmen. Time lawmakers were allowed to participate in a meeting with armed groups and demanded that they be invited to participate in such events in future.