Woman plans to help resolve the conflicts among their locals


Woman plans to help resolve the conflicts among their locals

Kantarawaddy Times, 02 Sep 2013

URL: http://www.ktimes.org/en/news/regional/item/223-wo
After KNPP signed the ceasefire agreement, Karenni Woman Organization (KNWO) has come up with three years plan to help resolve the ongoing conflicts among locals during implementing peace process period.

During the workshop led by KNWO in Pruso, it stated to participate in solving the conflicts which impacted by the armed groups and political issues among the villages in Deemawso and Pruso Townships.

“There are some who are suffering from traumas in our village.” said Khu Tot Reh, a trainee from the workshop.

Within the year 2013 - 15, KNWO has planned to carry out workshops from village to village by the four main topics including: Interfering in locals’ problems and difficulties, Negotiations, Counseling and the concept of Peace.

“In my imagination, I just want to see that there are no more problems in the village and everyone is helping each other.” Khu Tot Reh continued.

To achieve genuine peace, a workshop trainer mentioned to prioritize in every household in order to avoid domestic violence. Eventually, this action could lead from a household to nationwide peace.

“As they are still lack of knowledge, we will have to bring it to them to build a peaceful family, a peaceful environment and finally a peaceful village.” said Maw Nyar Mar, another workshop Trainer.

Recently from June 18th to July 2nd in Htee Paw So village, Pruso Township, KNWO has done a workshop. They are also setting up workshops in the rest of five villages in Pruso and other five villages in Dee Maw So Township.