Kayin armed groups to make constitutional amendments


Kayin armed groups to make constitutional amendments

Eleven Newsmedia, 05 Sep 2013

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Kayin armed groups will submit the provisions they want to amend in the 2008 Constitution to the Kayin Solidarity and Peace Committee before submitting them to the government, according to a member of the committee.

"They are planning to submit the issues including the ones in the constitution to the government. They will submit them to our committee and ask for our advice. We still don't know the date for the meeting," said Mann Aung Pyae Soe, vice-chairman of Phalon-Sawaw Democratic Party and member of the Kayin Solidarity and Peace Committee.

The committee will meet on Saturday to discuss about holding the meeting with the Kayin armed groups and decide on the date.

Kayin political parties are also planning to hold a two-day conference on the development of the Kayin race in Hpaan from September 14 to 15. The agenda of the conference includes the coalition of Kayin political parties for the 2015 Election, adding constituencies that were not included in the 2010 Election, registering Kayin youths who are over the age of 18 and allowing them to vote in the next election.