Suu Kyi embraces ethnic groups in the fight for peace


Suu Kyi embraces ethnic groups in the fight for peace

Mizzima News, 26 Nov 2013

Aung San Suu Kyi, chair of the National League for Democracy (NLD), told Mizzima on 25 November that she is willing to join hands with Myanmar’s ethnic groups as they negotiate with the government during the nationwide peace process.

Daw Suu Kyi spoke to reporters after meeting with three members of the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC)—UNFC secretary Nai Han Thar and Vice-Chairmen Khun Abel Tweed and David Tarkabaw—at her home in Yangon. They were also joined by members of several ethnic armed groups.

“I will always fulfill the needs of the ethnic groups,” she stated.“While working towards peace, we must see what others are doing so we know what we ourselves have to do.”

Besides the desires of the ethnic people, the group discussed the development of internal peace and the construction of a democratic federal system.

Although Daw Suu Kyi has yet to confirm her plans to attend December’s ethnic armed groups summit either as a participant or an observer, she said that she will cooperate and work with all associated parties in order to obtain peace and unity.

Mr.Tharkabaw commented that he is looking forward to Daw Suu Kyi’s participation in the peace process, stating, “We always invite her to join us in ethnic political programs.”

Myanmar’s ethnic groups are currently setting frameworks and codes of conduct for aceasefire, discussing the emergence of a federal union and federal army,and working on amending and reorganizing the constitution.

Daw Suu Kyi believes in following a democratic path for the revitalization of the constitution and that a federal army and union must be compatible with each other. She has also stated that she is working to make all these changes ultimately beneficial to the people.