US to provide Myanmar with $25 million in aid


US to provide Myanmar with $25 million in aid

Mizzima News, 18 Nov 2013

In a press release distributed by the United States Embassy in Yangon on 18 November, the US government pledged to provide USD $25 million to Myanmar to “address the dire humanitarian situation faced bydisplaced communities in Rakhine State, Kachin State, and [Myanmar’s] Southeast region.” This announcement arrives in the wake of a joint diplomatic mission between the United States, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom to Rakhine State from 11-12 November and US mission visits to Kachin, Karen, and Mon States throughout October and November.

Within Rakhine State, this aid will be devoted to providing access to food, clean water, hygiene, special care for infants and the malnourished, and improvements to drainage systems.

In Kachin State,the funds will work to alleviate all of the aforementioned issues as well as supplement the construction of shelters and the rebuilding of homes.

Across Myanmar’s Southeast region, support will target internally displaced persons, bolster community-based programs, and prepare conditions for sustainable voluntary repatriation.

This aid will be distributed along international humanitarian principles and without prioritization with regards to race, religion, or ethnic background, in accordance with agreements made by the US government and Myanmar’s state-level government officials.

The US government stated that it “[looks] forward to working jointly with the Union Government and local communities to continue to meet life-saving needs and achieve lasting solutions for [Myanmar’s] displaced persons.”

Earlier this year, the United States offered Myanmar USD $75.4 million to encourage the continuation of its democratic reforms.