Basic Education Completion Certificates to be issued this Academic Year


Basic Education Completion Certificates to be issued this Academic Year

Eleven Myanmar, 18 Jun 2019

Completion certificates will be issued to those who have reached basic education high school level, even if they did not pass matriculation exam, so that they can attend vocational training courses, said Basic Education Department Director General Ko Lay Win.

The students of this academic year will receive completion certificates when they finish basic education high school level. The completion certificate is also applicable to those who had not pass matriculation exams before "We are planning to give completion certificates at the end of this academic year. This certificate will be very useful. Those who have not certificates on matriculation passes have difficulty finding a job. So they will receive completion certificates to show they have completed basic education. They can do their job with that certificate," said Ko Lay Win.

Those holding completion certificates can join vocational training courses. However, students will receive those certificates only if they had 75 percent school attendance and completed internal exams four times. They must have at least grade C in respective subjects.

Completion certificates will also base on activities in literature, art and library sectors, clean record and sports activities.

In 2018-2019 academic year, 851,524 students took matriculation examination and 267,696 passed it accounting for 31.44 percent.