RDRC - Balamand Lebanon

The Resource Center for the Displaced Balamand Lebanon

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  • The Resource Center for the Displaced Balamand Lebanon

    The Co-Academic Programs of the FHS combine academic understandings with applied community work in diverse settings to respond to needs for reconstruction, economic development and community prosperity, health and well-being. These objectives are undertaken within the framework of the commitment of the University of Balamand to promote sustainable development and proactive citizenship in Lebanon and the Arab region. They are integral to the mission of the Faculty of Health Science (FHS) to foster professional competencies in the service of the community. The Co-Academic Programs collaborate with partners at the local, national and international level to enable local and regional communities to alleviate problems and address developmental concerns. The Programs also provide opportunities for students at the FHS to become involved in community service and gain professional experience. The Co-Academic Programs are housed at the FHS on the Ashrafieh, Beirut campus, and conduct their activities throughout Lebanon and the region.