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  • UGANDA – New digital tool to empower farmers to access extension services The new digital tool is going to empower farmers to access extension services and market information through mobile telephones……The program is being implemented with the support of the Swedish government, through Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency, which is targeting women, youth, refugees and migrants, who are normally underserved when it comes to digital solutions.
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  • Local Economic Development Strategy Launch – Moyo and Obongi Districts On 20 November, with support of their local economic development partners, UNHCR and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the Moyo district and Obongi district are launching their Local Economic Development (LED) Strategy. Both these districts have had mass influxes of refugees over the last few years, with over 123,000 registered refugees in Palorinya settlement, Obongi. They have formulated their five year development plans under the Comprehensive National Development Framework with a vision to have a transformed population that is productive and prosperous by 2040. The main pillars of the LED strategy are enabling infrastructure, supporting local private sector development, upgrading human capital, attracting investment and changing attitudes towards local economic development. The inclusion of refugees in the district development plans marks a watershed in the humanitarian-development nexus, and provides stakeholders with a structure to transition towards resilience building interventions. Please find more information in the uploaded LED brochure and for further details contact Teresa Ongaro (Head of Field Office, Moyo, Uganda)
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