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    news UNHCR, 24 Apr 2019 (5 years ago )
    Since the signature of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS) on 11 September 2018, 2 the permanent ceasefire is being upheld in most parts of the country and there is a marked reduction in violence. 3 Nevertheless, conflict remains ...
  • Japan contributes USD 7.5 Million to Support Refugees and Host Communities in Uganda

    news IOM, 16 Apr 2019 (5 years ago )
    UNHCR Has received US$ 2,000,000 to respond to immediate protection needs at reception, collection, transit and registration centres countrywide. The protection needs to be addressed include registration and legal assistance; provision of semi-permanent shelter and latrines to persons with specific ...
  • UN Refugee Chief urges Security Council for firm response to record-high displacement

    news UNHCR Africa, 09 Apr 2019 (5 years ago )
    Grandi appealed to Member States to bolster support for host countries. “85 per cent of the world’s refugees are in poor or middle-income countries. That’s where the crisis is. Support must be stepped up,” he said. “Their hospitality must not be taken for granted.”
  • UN’s emergency fund allocates $11 million to help displaced South Sudanese return home

    news Relief Web, 04 Apr 2019 (5 years ago )
    The money from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) targets 268,000 women, men and children who had been internally displaced by conflict. Alain Noudéhou, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan, said people have been moving back to their homes since January.
  • IGAD Ministers commit further to improving livelihoods of refugees

    news IGAD, 03 Apr 2019 (5 years ago )
    “The only way forward to address the needs of refugees and host communities – including livelihoods and self reliance needs – and to ensure that hosting refugees contributes to economic growth and national development”.
  • UNHCR expresses appreciation, urges more solidarity for Uganda’s refugee response

    news UNHCR Africa, 14 Mar 2019 (5 years ago )
    “Uganda represents the Global Compact in action, but the country can’t do it alone. More global support is needed, particularly in the areas of education, economic opportunities and the environment.” Education is a major priority in the Uganda refugee response for 2019 and beyond. More than half of ...
  • Thousands fleeing new violence in South Sudan’s Central Equatoria State

    news UNHCR, 12 Feb 2019 (5 years ago )
    It’s estimated that 5,000 refugees have arrived in several border villages near the town of Ingbokolo, in north-east DRC’s Ituri province, according to local village chiefs. There are reports that an additional 8,000 people are displaced inside South Sudan, on the outskirts of the town of Yei.
  • Danish contribution brings help to the forgotten refugees from South Sudan

    news UNHCR Northern Europe, 25 Jan 2019 (5 years ago )
    With the emergency contribution from Denmark, UNHCR is able to strengthen the protection of the many children uprooted by the conflict, including addressing the gaps in provision of proper nutrition, access to education and adequate health care for children.
  • UNHCR welcomes Ethiopia law granting more rights to refugees

    news UNHCR, 21 Jan 2019 (5 years ago )
    Ethiopia’s parliament adopted revisions in its existing refugee law on Thursday (17 January 2019), making it one of the most progressive refugee policies in Africa.
  • Ethiopia allows refugees to leave camps and work

    news Thomson Reuters, 18 Jan 2019 (5 years ago )
    Ethiopia passed a law on Thursday giving almost 1 million refugees the right to work and live outside of camps, in a move praised for providing them with more dignity and reducing reliance on foreign aid.