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İnsani Gelişme Vakfı

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  • İnsani Gelişme Vakfı

    INGEV Foundation is established in efforts to contribute human development in Turkey. INGEV’s objectives, in cooperation with relevant state institutions, local authorities, multi-national cooperation, universities and private sector; are to become a reference guide and primary source with regards to human development in our country; to present guiding opinions and suggestions to political decision-makers through researches and reports; and to support human development along with innovative implementation projects. INGEV, in all its endeavors, functions in a transparent, accountable and participatory sense; with a nonpartisan attitude and in order to fulfill the needs of human development in Turkey, INGEV acts with a social responsibility that aims to improve mutual agreement with related parties. INGEV will support this understanding of social responsibility with a professional administration and work perspective; and will aim to contribute in removing the gap between economic growth and human development.

    Phone Number +902165405021
    Address Koşuyolu, Koşuyolu Cd. No:52, 34718 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Türkiye