UNHCR's Global Report 2018

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Publish Date: 24 June 2019 (5 years ago)
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UNHCR's Global Report 2018

Document Type: Informes
Document Language: English
In 2018, UNHCR worked closely with other stakeholders, such as the AU-EU-UN Joint Taskforce on migration, to ensure protection for refugees moving in mixed flows from Africa along “the northern route” through Libya to Europe, “the southern route” to South Africa, and “the eastern route” towards Gulf countries or neighbouring African countries. Expansion of UNHCR’s outreach, including the provision of services directly or through partners to people moving towards Libya, resulted in the increased identification of people in need of international protection. In countries such as Algeria, Burkina Faso, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Niger and Tunisia, expanded partnerships led to greater identification and referral, including the delivery of assistance.


  •  Protection


  • Cameroon
  • Chad
  • Cote d'Ivoire
  • Liberia
  • Benin
  • Burkina Faso
  • Gambia
  • Ghana
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Guinea
  • Mauritania
  • Mali
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Senegal
  • Sierra Leone
  • Togo

Population Group

Country Group
Niger Niger - Refugees/Migrants
Mali Mali - Refugees/Migrants
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso - Refugees/Migrants
Download  (PDF, 16.35 MB)