Turkey: CARE - Women and Girls on the Move in the Midst of COVID-19 - June 2021

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Document Type: Evaluaciones
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Turkey: CARE - Women and Girls on the Move in the Midst of COVID-19 - June 2021

Document Type: Evaluaciones
Document Language: English
In order to understand the ways in which women and girls on the move are affected by the pandemic and how service providers can meaningfully adapt their programming to address the new and different vulnerabilities, needs, and risks that these women and girls face, CARE undertook a research in Afghanistan, Ecuador, and Turkey between April and May 2021. The objective of the study was to better understand how COVID-19 is impacting the health and protection of women and girls on the move. The three countries (Turkey, Afghanistan and Ecuador) represent different types of forced displacement across multiple regions: IDPs and refugee returnees in Afghanistan; more recent migrants and refugees due to the Venezuelan crisis in Ecuador; and longer-term Syrian refugees living under temporary international protection in Turkey. CARE chose health and protection as the specific themes, given past learning on how their outcomes and service access and utilization are particularly impacted during public health emergencies and


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